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Hey! I’m Dr. Faith Coats

As an overly ambitious woman that went through my own hormone journey, I know what it feels like to have no energy, dwindling self-confidence, and a total lack of sensuality.

In short, medical school, stress & birth control stole my zest for life. It wasn’t until I took my hormone health back that I not only felt like myself again but I was able to transform my life into what I truly desire.

With all of my own experience, I now help ambitious women rebalance their hormones so they can gain energy, self-confidence, & get their mojo back.

Clients Wins

Meet Chrysta

She was struggling with endometriosis, fatigue & anxiety. In this short video she explains what her experience has been working together & how she feels today.

“I told my doctor I didn’t have a sex drive & he told me to fake it instead of helping me fix it. After working with Dr. Coats I now look forward to bedtime with my partner.”

- Rachel V.

“I use to be on medication for my anxiety and depression and after 12 weeks in Dr. Coats program, I stopped all medications and feel more like myself again.”

- Maritza F.

“I use to not sleep because of my severe hot flashes from menopause. Now I sleep like a baby and I have lost 15 pounds since working with Dr. Coats.”

Victoria M.

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